The Little Princes

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Friday, March 31, 2006

Labyrinth Fish

Latest additions to the tank are 2 Honey Gouramis and 2 Chocolate Gouramis. The Chocolate Gouramis were quite small and unfortunately one of them got stuck in the filter inlet. Anyway, it was rescued but didn't survive. Perhaps I'll get another 2 tomorrow ... Fish_

Anyway, HERE's some trivia on why they are called "Labyrinth" Fishes!

Thursday, March 30, 2006


These are the only evidence that we had a barbeque on a Wednesday work night (yesterday). Lots of unfinished food and friendly games of mahjong. (Picasa's "soft focus" effect comes in real handy!) General_

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Fish Tank Update

Haven't posted much updates to my tank recently. Anyway I now have a total of 2 DIY CO2 supplies, one through a tulip shaped diffuser in the (middle) sump and another in the tank with a bubble tower. The CO2 indicator (picture, below left) seems to show a healthy level (Yellowish Green is Good!). Hopefully the plants would appreciate that and continue to grow. Another addition is a large cooling fan placed almost perpendicular to the surface of the water to aid cooling due to the hot weather. Not very good for keeping CO2 saturation high but the tradeoff is lower temperature which is good for the plants. The record low so far was 26.2 degrees Centigrade on April Fool's morning. I reckon it may have dropped to the 25s the night before ... Fish_

Beef Chapatti with Peas and Mushroom

Second attempt with the remaining pack of Indian Vegeratian Mix. This time the flavour was Peas and Mushroom and I decided to make as a filling with ground beef. The filling will be used for Chapatti with lettuce. The end result was not too bad really! Food_

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Indian Vegetarian Pasta ... ?

Hi KC, as requested, here is the product of my adventures with an Indian Vegetarian Mix and pasta. Unfortunately, the Indian Vegetarian Mix (Aloo Mutter) was too "healthy" and tasted quite bland. Furthermore, the Mix was overwhelmed by the amount of pasta I used *sigh*.

Anyway, I wonder if anyone tried making pasta with thick spicy curry or rendang sauce ... Food_

Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Golden Crown

Mum-in-Law's birthday celebration was held this evening at a small restaurant somewhere in Pasir Panjang. Recommended by Dad-in-Law. Had some problem finding the place as it had changed its name to Golden Crown Restaurant. Some of the "guests" had to walk around for a good half hour before confirming the place.

Food was generally ok but the pork dish was exceptional (both in size and taste). The servings were extra large cos Dad-in-Law knew the boss ... just look at the huge plate of pineapple rice! Anyways, we ended up packing at least 6 boxes of leftovers!! Food_

Monday, March 13, 2006


Had a once in a lifetime "encounter" today. Noticed the car's odometer read "044443" as I was leaving the house for lunch. With some careful driving and manipulation of the accelerator pedal, I was able to get the car's digital dashboard to display the following:

Odometer: 044444
Speed: 44 km/h
Gear: 4

If only I had my camera with me ...

Anyway, I subsequently went and bought "4"D. No prizes for guessing what number I bought! General_

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Operation Fishtank

Recently acquired some mini R/C toys from the net. Favourites are the R/C Shark and the mini R/C Sub. The shark is a bit too big for the tank and it can't swim in reverse, so it can only be used in the pool. That can't be said for the mini R/C sub however, watch out for the video coming soon!Fish_

"Mickey Mouse" Platies

Up to the tip of my eyelashes in work for the past couple of weeks. With this short breather of a weekend, will try to update the ol' blog. Anyway, here are 2 "Mickey Mouse" platies I bought last week. Just tilt your head to the side and you'll know why they're called that! Fishes_