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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Packed Weekend

It's been a long time since I had so much activities on the weekend ...

Sat (AM):

Was supposed to have lunch with Wifey's friends at Vivocity Marche. So we happily went there and when we reached, we realised that we were 24 hours too early, thanks to some mis-communication (not on my part ... :-P ) In any case, we attempted and succeeded in having lunch with the boy at Shin Kushiya. Most part of it was taking turns looking after Cayden as he woke up before our set lunches arrived. Not very glamorous but we managed to finish our Mixed Kushiyaki Set and Cha Soba Set before he made any fuss. In fact, we were so busy with him that we forgot to take photos ... shucks!

After that it was shopping at Giant before heading down to in-laws place for part 2 for the day.

Sat (PM):

It was Wifey's aunt's birthday. So she treated us to dinner at Joe's Kitchen Thai Restaurant. Its a small restaurant at Alexandra Village with cheap but reasonably good Thai food. HERE are some pictures of what we ordered.

Sun (AM)

Went back to Vivocity AGAIN and this time we finally had our lunch at Marche. Spent about 2 hours catching up and taking some photos before we left

Sun (PM)

This is finally when we got time to relax for the weekend, although about an hour was spent trying to get the boy to sleep, and another hour trying to get him to stop crying and go back to sleep after he woke up (probably from a bad dream or loud noise).

I think the picture below aptly sums up our weekend ... :-D

Sleepyheads ...

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Singapore Motor Show 2008

For 8 bucks, during F1 season, this show was quite a disappointment. In fact, the show occupied only one floor and had only 3 major brands showing their cars; Subaru, Nissan and Honda. None of the other brands were there. I guess the slowing economy and realisation that car shows in Singapore had almost no ROI kept them away.

Even the car and bike "babes" were in short supply. Anyway, here are some photos of our 1 hour walkabout ...

Lunch @ Shokudo

When we wanted a place to go for lunch during the Hari Raya holiday, we decided to go to Shokudo as all (except me and wifey) have not been there before.

This is the third time I'm here and this time its with family. It is also Cayden's longest outing yet. Although we (those with kids) were late for 45 minutes, we had a blast ... heh heh!


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