The Little Princes

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Baby Room

During the end of the year and CNY holiday period, we also took the opportunity to do some preparation for baby. Cleaned up the spare room and bought stuff from Ikea to setup a green and white theme.

The room hasn't been properly arranged yet. Now its just a temporary holding area for new and hand-me-down baby stuff ...


Chinese New Year 2008

This year's new year went by in a flash. So fast that I didn't even get to post any entries during the entire 15 days. Anyway, plenty of pictures were taken and here's the summary:

2 Feb 2008

IMG_1735 IMG_1738 IMG_1740 IMG_1744 IMG_1742

An early start to the year, first Yu Sheng toss even before New Year's Eve!

6 Feb 2008

IMG_1764 IMG_1766

Dinner #1 with the in-laws, followed by dinner #2 and birthday celebration for my Dad whose birthday falls exactly on 6 Feb!

10 Feb 2008


Went for dinner outside with in-laws and their close relatives. Restaurant is called Por Kee Eating House at Tiong Bahru.

16 Feb 2008

IMG_1784 IMG_1782 IMG_1792 IMG_1805

There was a Lunar New Year celebration at our estate. Managed to get some nice shots of the Lion Dance and Dragon Dance.