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Monday, November 26, 2007

Drive Recorder

Cool gadget, works like an aircraft black-box recorder, continuously recording the front view (or any view you choose depending on where you place the camera) in the vehicle. Can be used for recording accident evidence, dangerous/idiotic drivers etc.

Checked out the price and its approx. $650 including shipping from Japan to Singapore.

Growing Old pains ...

Have you ever wondered what life will be like when you are living out your "golden years"? Will you and your spouse be healthy? Or will you need to take care of him/her? If so, can you cope? Will you put him/her in a home or will you be the one? How about your children, will they help out?

Still far away but real, something to really think about ...

Scary Maid no more ...

The "Scary Maid" living next door is no more. Recently, we saw a new maid in the household. At least this maid looks more busy/normal, and does not stare at us eerily through the yard window!

Talking about maids, we also went to an "employment agency" to look for a maid (domestic help) to look after MIL. We managed to interview a "soon to be transfer" Indonesian maid. Apparently she was employed to replace a Filipino maid to look after an old lady (cos the Filipino doesn't want to take care / clean up after the elderly). After a year or so of service, the old lady passed on. Now the Filipino called up her ex-employer's wife and wanted to come back, and as a result the employer agreed! So unluckily for the Indonesian maid, she is now going being sent back to the agent as a "transfer" maid. This means she will lose about 2 months of her pay to her agent for getting her redeployed. Tough luck.

We managed to interview her and talk to her current employer (which had pretty good feedback). So far so good. Her English is ok and she can even speak/understand a bit of Chinese. Now is to go through the pre-employment test and other procedures for employing her ...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hairy Crab!

Wifey has been wanting to eat this for some time now. After discovering a place which sells reasonably priced Hairy Crab, we went for it. The place was along Upper Cross Street, same stretch as the famous 油鸡 noodle places.

The restaurant was called Tam Kah's Sharkfin Pte Ltd and wasn't very crowded at the time we arrived. Big hairy crabs were going at S$28 a piece, XL ones were $38. We had the large. Other than the hairy crabs, we had noodles/vermicelli, roast chicken and vegetables. There was also complimentary ginger soup glutinous rice balls for dessert with the hairy crabs.

Personally, I think the crab meat tasted sweeter and better than normal large Sri Lankan crabs. However, the hairy crabs are much smaller, meaning more work to get out whatever little meat you can find, not really worth the effort for that little bit of meat. It was a great dinner nonetheless!

Oh yes, I was also surprised at the great service (at least from one of the staff). The lady staff showed us how to de-shell the hairy crab and where we could dig out bits of crab meat. After that, she continued to de-shell the entire hairy crab for my MIL as my MIL could not de-shell the crab cos she is not very dextrous anymore. She carefully removed bits of crab meat and put onto the spoon for my MIL. Spoon after spoon as MIL ate. I reckon she stood there digging out crab meat for at least 20 minutes!

Hairy Crab Price Ee Mian Roast Chicken Vegetables Hairy Crab Hairy Crab Hair Crab Exposed Hair Crab Leg Meat Hairy Crab Remnants Black Sesame Glutinous Riceball in Ginger Soup Black Sesame Glutinous Riceball Personal De-Shelling Service! Hair Crab Lover

More Teochew Porridge

Yet another trip to Chun Tin for Teochew porridge. Somehow it feels great to have it on Saturday or Sunday afternoon for lunch.

The Hae Bi Hiam is fantastic, I could just eat plain porridge with it and nothing else!

Teochew Porridge Hae Bi Hiam Vegatables Fried Assam Fish Potato and Vegetables

Ben and Jerry's

About a month ago, we bought a tub of Ben and Jerry's, after not having any in a looong while.

The flavour we bought was "Dave Matthew's Band MAGIC BROWNIES". Yum, I especially love the taste of the brownies blended into the Black Raspberry ice cream!

Anyway, that started off our craving for B&J's. Recently, there were quite a number of offers at various supermarkets selling B&J's at "2 for $XX.XX" ... so check out our latest collection!

Current B&J Collection

Fender Bender

Two weeks ago (10 Nov 2007), somewhere near Orchard Cineleisure, a Honda Civic decided to test how strong the rear of the Citroen C3 was ...

Dented Bumper

The impact sounded quite loud. Externally, the bumper didn't look too damaged. However, after careful inspection, it was found that the steel bumper re-inforcement bar (hidden behind the ABS plastic bumper) was totally bent out of shape!

The C3 was out of action for a few days while I drove around in a deep blue "uncley" Altis ...

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Deepavali Holiday

Happy Deepavali to all Hindus!

Today is a public holiday and is also a great "Food and Entertainment" day. The past few weeks have been real busy working on a submission for a customer next week. As such, this weekend should also be pretty busy so I am taking this opportunity to have a quick break before the coming rush for submission.

Wifey and I decided to go for a nice lunch and a movie today. Here's what we did:

1200hrs: Lunch - Sun and Moon Restaurant at Wheelock Place

Sun and Moon Restaurant (Wheelock Place)

1330hrs: Movie - Stardust. A good, two-hour movie that is worth watching. (Based on the book by Neil Gaiman)

1615hrs: On the way driving home, Wifey decided that we should detour to Clementi to pack a nice dinner. In the end, we bought stuff from the popular Satay stall at Central and also the famous original "Bros" Rojak.

While buying dinner, we also happened to chance upon chef Sam Leong and QuanYi Feng filming for their new food show Good Food Fun Cook. They were cooking some sort of steamed crab claws. I was asked if I wanted to try Sam's cooking. Unfortunately, as it meant being "interviewed" in front of the camera by YiFeng (and in Chinese somemore), I politely declined ... :-P

Good Food Fun Cook

1900hrs: Had great Satay and Rojak!

Satay (Clementi) Brother Rojak (Clementi)

2000hrs: Working at home ...

2230hrs: Starship Troopers 2 on TV ...

Ok, its back to work tomorrow.
Looking forward to end of next week!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Caramel Apples

This stuff is rare and is usually only available in supermarkets like Cold Storage or Marketplace during Halloween. Haven't had this in a long while so I grabbed one when I saw it during grocery shopping last week. Yummy!

Caramel Apple Caramel Apple

Longbeans and Toufu

Have tried to recreate a dish which both wifey and myself have had since we were young. So far, we have not had this for any of the home-cooked meals over at my cousin's nor my in-law's place.

Anyway, turned out not bad but I think it can be improved by making it more spicy using sambal or a twist with some roast pork or bacon.

- Long beans
- Toufu
- Chye Poh
- Roasted Peanuts
- Chilli

Long Beans with Toufu
Long Beans Roasted Peanuts and Chilli Ingredients for Long Beans with Toufu Stir Fry