The Little Princes

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Angel Spawn #4

Mom seems to be moving away from the nest quite frequently to chase Dad away and also look for food. Because of that, some of the fry were food for the Chocolate Gourami! Also, Mom didn't remove the white dead eggs which by now had some hair like algae/fungi which were growing and threatened to engulf the fry that were still alive! Fish_

Before all the fry were gone, decided to take things into my own hands to save them. Snipped the leaf and put it into a floating breeder at first. Unfortunately the slits on the breeder for water circulation were too big and they fry could slip through if they fall off the leaf.

Finally, decided on a makeshift setup with a seperate container within the floating breeder with its own air supply through a pump. Lowest setting of the pump created pretty large airflow so had to setup a simple waste valve to reduce the amount of bubbles.

Now most of the fry are on the leaf. Those that fall off will end up in the container so its quite safe. A toothpick can be used to put the fry back onto the leaf. Apparently their mouths secrete some sticky substance which will stick to the toothpick and eventually the leaf.

Water level is also just above the container so there is still some water circulation. Any fry that gets "bubbled" out of the container will still have a chance of being "rescued" in the floating breeder before being swept out into the open and become fish food.

Took a couple of nice macros of the fry using the Ricoh R3. Can see the eyes, tail and yolk sac...

Friday, May 26, 2006

Angel Spawn #3

Its been a few days since the eggs were laid and most of them have turned white (unfertilised). However, there are still quite a few that have stayed clear, and now they have turned into tiny little tadpole like fry. They are able to wriggle around but seems to know how to stay on the leaf. Any one that moves too close to the edge of the leaf will be promptly moved back to the centre by Mom using her mouth. Fish_

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Angel Spawn #2

Finally after a couple of weeks they have spawned again. This time on the new plants that I have bought for them. I've decided not to remove the leaf and nature take its course (since I have removed my large Plec0 and passed it to Cactus). Let's hope most of the eggs hatch ... Fish_

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Another Survivor

Was cleaning the filter and found another survivor from a platy brood. Most likely fathered by the "horny" high fin platy ... Fish_

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Babies Galore

Other than my Angelfish, it seems that others are also very productive this year! I've been officially promoted to Uncle status. Congratulations to Baby Nikki (left) and Baby Randall (right). BTW, Baby Nikki's my niece and Baby Randall is my wife's good friend's son. General_

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Algae Eater?

Have bought 6 of these fish from the Clementi LFS. Thought they were algae eaters but I was wrong. Yet to identify them. They like to hang around the plants perched on their fins, sometimes vertically. Any idea what species they are? Fish_

Angel Spawn #1

The 2 Angelfish are starting to show more aggressive courting/mating behaviour. My guess is that there will be another batch of eggs within this 1-2 weeks. The female stomach is getting bigger and the ovulating tube (ovipositor) can be seen quite clearly. Fish_