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Monday, May 04, 2009

Bad Day

Today reminded me of this song ...

Seriously, things didn't go well right from the start of the day. It rained heavily last night, so I sort of expected traffic to be heavy, but that was an understatement.

The first encounter was less than 3 minutes after I got onto the KJE. Usually, it is NEVER jammed, so when there was slow traffic, something really bad probably has happened. Something bad actually did. A Malaysian truck carrying loads of EGGS has overturned on the ramp from KJE to BKE(PIE). I was stuck in the ensuing jam, PLUS I had to drive over the raw eggs on the road to get past!

The next few encounters weren't so sensational, but all in all, there were 3 accidents and 2 vehicle breakdowns along the way to Commonwealth. After dropping of the boy more than an hour after I left the house, wifey declared that she forgot her office pass ... so back we went home to pick it up.

We have up going to office in the morning and took half-day leave. And oh, did I mention that I missed the exit home, had to do a short detour and got the car got splashed with muddy water at a U-turn? And what about the fact that I just washed the car yesterday night? :-(

Anyhow, after we had lunch, we set off again on the same route. Unfortunately, I did not realise that 3 hours later, they had TOTALLY CLOSED the KJE to BKE(PIE) exit and were still cleaning up the eggs! They were sweeping the eggs to one side and the raw egg juice was flowing all over the place! This meant another jam, long detour and driving across raw eggs AGAIN!

I finally reached the office at about 1pm for a meeting. It was then that I found out that the 1pm meeting didn't really need me, and the other 3pm meeting has been postponed to Wednesday. !@#$%

Obviously, the day ended with a much needed car wash and probably will be an early night. Will buy 4D tomorrow, "0405" System Roll ...