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Sunday, December 10, 2006

C3 Videos

There's going to be a major milestone in one of my projects next week, so I am trying to take whatever opportunity I can to relax before the 3 days of presentation & review with the customer.

Anyway, in between chores today, I was fooling around on YouTube searching for videos of the C3. Managed to find some cool and funny ones:


I, Cactus said...

I like that current C4 advert on TV.
Super cool when it transforms into a robot.

KooshKing said...

Yes, ever since C&C took over the distribution of Citroen cars in Singapore from Advacned Auto (the previous distributor), the marketing is much better.

The C4 robot advert is probably just the beginning to raise awareness of the existing product which has been around for quite a while.