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Saturday, December 09, 2006


Wifey is having facial so it is waiting time again. Armed with newspapers and a wireless PDA, I set off to CentrePoint McDonalds for the one hour wait while wifey has her beauty treatment. (ok, I admit, so I didnt really bring the newpapers cos I didnt want to look like an uncle ok...)

Anyway, now I am in front of McCafe having a mango smoothie. There is some sort of manager here briefing the Mac staff. Lots of ppl here on a Sat morning but unfortunately too early for any chiobus. Most are casually dressed family, tourists or students.

Being the kiasu Singaporean, I have signed up for all 3 of the free Wireless Surfing accounts available in Singapore (SingNet, Qmax & iCell). Now I am logged on thru QMax. The wireless signal doesnt seem to be very strong but still usable. Anyway, since it is free, I have no complaints!

Wifey should be calling anytime soon, think Ill go Robinsons and take a look around.

------------------- Update: 9 Dec 2006, 9:30 pm --------------------

Robinsons is having a storewide 20% sale, and there is an additional 20% off for Robinsons card holders. End up buying 3 pairs of pants! :-D