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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Paris second time round

Wifey just came back today after a cold week in Paris for some work, which means I had to take care of most of the household chores last week. Managed to complete all of them by the final milestone today :-)

To see what Paris is like at this time of year, click HERE.

And apparently she was brave enough (i.e. conned) into trying the French andouillette sausage. (Which apparently has a disgusting faecal like aroma!)


Of all the stuff you see in the picture, she only managed to finish the potato...


Anonymous said...

Oh dear... I guess some people think that consuming fecal matter is very sek si.

What's the green-green stuff on the place? Brussel Sprouts?

KooshKing said...

I have no idea, but it is probably some organic vegetable matter. :-D

Will let her answer this one.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what the green stuff is as well..that's why I never finish it. Look and taste quite unappetitizing i must say. :P


I, Cactus said...

Europe, i still think is the most romantic place on the earth..