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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday ... "Thanksgiving"

Dunno why but woke up early today and decided to get out of bed instead of the usual "snooze". Today was the visit to the "temple" to give thanks for a peaceful 2006.

Anyway, left the house pretty early, I didn't expect it would turn out to be such a long day!

Lunch is almost always with in-laws on Saturday afternoon. Took the chance to do more test shots with the new Canon IXUS 850 IS.

Island Creamery Pulut Hitam Ice Cream Greenery Plastic Manicure MIL Tanglin Halt Corridor

After lunch, it was straight to Waterloo Street. Today must have been an auspicious day cos there was lots of people there. Didn't manage to take any photos though.

Anyway, we did not go to a temple, but instead to a shop near the temple where you can "outsource" your prayers! Basically, its run like a clinic:

  1. Queue for consultancy.
  2. Consult the expert on what "services" you need.
    (or is recommended based on your Chinese zodiac for this year)
  3. Pay for recommended service.
  4. Go into prayer room and wait for your turn.
    (prayer room is noisy, hot and smoky from all the praying and incense)
  5. Once your turn, tell your personal details to the "pray-er" (a person) and she will do all the "talking".
  6. Once finish, put any additional donations into tin, wash hands, leave.

And you also get to keep the mandarin oranges that were used as offerings ... so convenient!