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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Canon Ixus 850 IS

After using it for almost a week or so and comparing it with my current Ricoh R3, general feedback is:

  1. Macro shots cannot beat the Ricoh in terms of super closeup and macro flash capability. Ivan from RecentRunes have the same comments.
  2. General non-macro shots are better than the Ricoh in terms of noise reduction.
  3. Because of the AF assist lamp and more powerful flash, low light general photography is better with the Canon. However, that said, the latest Ricoh R5 comes with AF assist so it may be as good as the Canon.
  4. The Canon flash seems to produce a yellowish tinge for closeup and macro photos.

BTW, Ricoh Singapore has 3 year warranty on the R3 while Canon only has 1 year + 3 months (if you register online)

I am expecting the Canon to perform better at taking people with its face detection technology and all. Will be using it over the next 2 weeks during the Christmas and New Year gatherings to see how it performs.

More sample shots from the Canon Ixus 850 IS.

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